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3 Ways ECIB's Mobile App Makes Filing Cargo Claims Easier

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We get it; when it comes to damaged or lost cargo, filing a cargo claim with a provider can be quite taxing. To help tackle this issue, ECIB introduced its new cargo claims app designed to simplify the claim filing process. 

This innovative technology allows our customers to submit a cargo claim at the moment damage or loss is discovered, therefore avoiding the hassle of processing extensive information, documents, and images. This expedited process gets the claim into the hands of an ECIB professional quickly and efficiently, thus beginning the recovery and resolution process without delay.

Here are three features of the app that can help you simplify filing a claim:

  1. Expedite your cargo claims: 

    Simple submission screens will save you time and headaches, as well as enable you to quickly input the critical information needed to start the claim process. 

  2. Document the incident at a moment’s notice: 

    The camera feature helps you substantiate your claim by attaching a photo or video right away. Your claim can be underway long before you return to your desk. 

  3. Save your progress:

    Need to finish up at a later time? No problem. All of your progress will be saved so you can come back to it later.

Take a look at our video below for a quick glimpse of the app and some of its features:


In today’s digital age, it is challenging to follow a traditional paper trail. ECIB allows you to cut to the chase with digital logistics you can trust. Reach out today for more information on how ECIB’s new mobile app can save you time and improve your supply chain!

ECIB Cargo Claims Mobile App