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ECIB: 30 Years of Excellence

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The world of supply chain risk looked a lot different back in 1994. Globalization was accelerating the pace and growth of logistics and supply chain services, and the industry was expanding faster than previously imagined. Although cargo insurance, in one form or another, has existed for centuries, the growth of supply chain logistics expanded the market for coverage and service specific to the industry.

Enter ECIB.

Humble Beginnings

In 1994, Expeditors Cargo Insurance Brokers, Inc. (ECIB) was born to satisfy a growing demand for cargo-specific insurance services. While other traditional brokers offered cargo policies as part of their general portfolios, it was not their main focus. With our standing in the logistics industry, ECIB had a distinct advantage when processing claims and working with carriers. As an insurance broker, we also brought risk management expertise and access to global insurance markets. More and more companies saw this advantage and began to approach us to place tailored cargo insurance programs and service them from A to Z.

Growth and Advocacy

After noticing ECIB’s dedicated approach to cargo claims, many clients began to engage our team to handle their below-deductible claims with freight carriers, and in 2006 our first claims management programs were developed to maximize our clients’ recoveries on freight claims. As this service offering grew, so did our team, and ECIB soon had a group in Europe to support the growing need for claims services. Subsequent team expansion to Mexico allowed ECIB to further develop our international claims footprint.

A Modern Approach

As digitization and data analytics emerged over the last couple of decades, ECIB recognized the need to invest in resources that could help our clients optimize their supply chains. Detailed claims data was used to develop new reporting and analytics tools that enhance visibility into our clients’ overall supply chain performance. Our mobile app allows clients to capture the moment damages are discovered and input time-sensitive information to minimize the duration of the claims process. These technologies combine to provide a seamless and unique customer experience.

As we look forward to the next 30 years, our world-class service commitment to our valued clients and business partners continues to be our core tenet. Now more than ever, companies need tailored solutions specific to evolving supply chains, and an advocate to ensure those solutions are effective. That’s why ECIB will continue to develop our service offerings, tools, and resources based on emerging risks and needs… just the way we have for the past 30 years.

We’re different, let us show you how.

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